The company

Protec has been consolidating, year after year, a trajectory strongly anchored in the quality of its products and respect for the market. Today its brand represents the strength of national technology in the manufacture and sale of life support equipment, within the most rigorous levels of quality, required by the hospital medical sector.

A reference in its segment, PROTEC covers the entire national territory through a wide network of distributors and technical assistance. Its growth is strongly supported by a modern manufacturing and distribution structure, about 30 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo, with easy access to the Ring Road, its location facilitates the distribution of products throughout Brazil, including products intended for export. Its facilities concentrate highly specialized professionals, ready to meet the most rigorous manufacturing standards and fully integrated into the quality procedures that involve the entire production chain. Thanks to the constant evolution of its concepts, Protec holds the national leadership in the market for medical hospital products. In tune with recent global technological trends, Protec permanently reviews its conceptual procedures, which are widely disseminated through an internal policy of industrial practices.


Develop and manufacture life support products with the most advanced technology, within the highest standards of excellence and quality.


To be a national leader with a worldwide presence in products and life support.


Commitment | Ethics | Respect for life | Innovation | Quality


Industrial and Logistics

Protec has the most rigorous material quality controls, which ensures that products meet the specifications and standards required by the responsible bodies. Permanent investments are made in the training of professionals, in the improvement of technologies and in the development of innovative products, which bring tranquility to the final consumer, offering the best to the hospital medical market, especially in the cost / benefit ratio.

Its capacity in the inventory area allows it to store and expand the product line, making logistics more efficient in order fulfillment.

Quality policy

The organization is committed to meeting the needs of its customers by meeting the requirements of the applicable legislation for medical and hospital products, seeking:



Continuous improvement of the quality of the Products and Services provided


Commitment to Preservation and Respect for the Environment


Constant technological updating of products and processes


Supplier and Human Resource Development


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NBR ISO 13485:2016

O certificado ISO 13.485 evidencia que a empresa possui a capacidade para fornecer dispositivos médicos e serviços associados que cumprem de forma consistente, os requisitos dos clientes e os requisitos regulamentares aplicáveis. Auditada pelos auditores de um organismo certificador.

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NBR ISO 9001:2015

O certificado ISO 9001 evidencia que a empresa promove a normatização de produtos e serviços, onde a qualidade está permanentemente melhorada. Os requisitos da norma auxiliam na melhoria dos processos internos, a maior capacitação dos funcionários, o monitoramento do ambiente do trabalho, a verificação da satisfação dos clientes, funcionários e fornecedores, em um processo de aprimoramento contínuo do sistema de gestão da qualidade. Auditada pelos auditores de um organismo certificador.

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